GRAX Releases the Immutable Ledger Powered by Blockchain

Time Machine captures all versions of Salesforce data.

GRAX releases industry-first Immutable Ledger used to preserve, protect, and govern chain of custody for all versions of Salesforce data. GRAX Time Machine with Immutable Ledger delivers unlimited versioning and chaining of Salesforce data signed, encrypted and coalesced within a customer’s cloud service of choice (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP).

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100% ownership of all dataUnlimited data versioningCustomer defined retention policiesChain of custody preserved and protectedCustomer-owned ledgerChoose your storage on Amazon AWS, Google GCP, or Microsoft AzureHIPAA, HIPAA-HITECH, GDPR, WORM, FIPS, FISMA, FedRamp/NIST 800-53, PCI-DSS compliant

The GRAX Immutable Ledger now guarantees a customer can audit, analyze and report on a complete chain of custody for any legal or governing body. GRAX customers own and define privacy, security, auditing and access controls of all versions of data within Salesforce.

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About GRAX GRAX simplifies how companies collect, analyze, and audit all versions of their data from leading SaaS platforms. GRAX is turning the tactical necessity of backup and archive into a strategic prism used to analyze, learn, and automate based on a customer-owned history. Currently used by the largest global companies in highly regulated industries to protect and preserve the chain of custody of data from leading SaaS platforms like directly into the customer-owned PaaS of choice.

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