Getting Ready for Cloud Data-Driven Healthcare

GRAX’s Joe Gaska (CEO) examines how healthcare providers can become data-driven and maintain regulatory compliance in this article.

Source: Healthcare Global

The healthcare cloud computing market is expected to reach over $61 billion by 2025 as healthcare organizations adopt SaaS applications to improve operations and patient care. Since the healthcare industry is so highly regulated, introducing SaaS applications complicates compliance. Providers must keep electronic patient data safe by maintaining comprehensive audit trails, which is difficult to do if data is stored in the SaaS vendor’s infrastructure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even with a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) in place stating that SaaS vendors are responsible for safeguarding patient information, healthcare providers are still at risk of failing to meet compliance requirements.
  • Healthcare users often download, save and copy SaaS app information into other business intelligence tools, creating data sprawl and increasing the surface area of exposure, or the number of access points to patient data.
  • Healthcare organizations can better adhere to regulations and take advantage of valuable insights offered by historical data by owning and backing up data to their own secure cloud infrastructure.
  • Doing so helps ensure a digital chain of custody for auditability and security.

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