DataOps is Here to Stay. Here’s why.

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for Built In, highlights the importance of DataOps in helping organizations adapt faster to business changes.

DataOps is Here to Stay. Here's Why. - Built In

The reason why something has “staying power” in the tech world has a dizzying range of answers. Some things go viral and then fizzle out, while others embed themselves into our daily work lives and become indispensable over time. So what is it that separates one from the other? Is there a single, good predictor of whether something has staying power? Joe shows how organizations can gauge the value of different data tools across data lifecycles, and how to use DataOps to your advantage.

You’ll learn :

  • Where data warehouses, data lakes, and master data management (MDM) fit in the data-to-insights lifecycle, and where their strengths and challenges lay.
  • Why DataOps, which Gaska describes as a methodology for taming unruly data pipelines in order to turn data into value, is important across the data lifecycle.
  • Key steps for successfully leveraging DataOps, including mapping who needs what data and why, and how frequently.

Read more in this Built In article, “DataOps is Here to Stay. Here’s Why.”

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