Data Protection Investments

In this interview with TechStrong TV, Joe Gaska explains why organizations should be getting a lot more out of their data management investments.

Source: TechStrong TV

People are backing up more data than ever, but how can they use it to bring value to their organizations? Joe Gaska explains how SaaS backup data is really a collection of a business’s entire history and how tapping its value begins with taking ownership of that history. From there, businesses can easily push their data from their cloud storage into analytics tools such as Azure to answer key business questions. This way, businesses can access insights with a few clicks without requiring coding experts. This reduces the barrier to access critical information and transforms SaaS app data into an asset that opens up new business opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Companies have always used data to answer questions (i.e., how did sales perform last month compared to this month?), but it was cost-prohibitive to store a complete record of historical data until now.
  • GRAX dramatically reduces the time to value so that enterprises can automatically capture every single change to data for regulatory compliance and analysis.
  • This opens up the possibilities of what historical data can do to inform business decisions, for instance, using it as the basis for training AI algorithms.

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