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Getting Started with Free Backup

Quickstart Video For Salesforce users and organizations seeking a reliable cost-free way to backup and safeguard their data with a daily Recovery Point Objective (RPO), GRAX Lite offers an unbeatable solution. Effortlessly deploy the GRAX Application for Salesforce backup into your AWS environment in minutes.  This video will review how to get started quickly step-by-step, … Continued


GRAX Free Trial Quickstart

Quickstart Video Experience the power of GRAX for Salesforce data protection by setting up a free trial in just 10 minutes. Our revolutionary data protection solution will transform the way you backup and recover your valuable CRM data.  This video will review how to get started quickly step-by-step, including: Start your free 7-day trial today … Continued


How to Use Docker

5-Minutes to Salesforce Backup It only takes five minutes to get GRAX for Salesforce data protection running using Docker. With Docker Desktop, you can run fully functional Docker applications, like GRAX, on your personal computer (regardless of operating system) in an isolated containerized environment. Once installed, you can enjoy all the benefits of GRAX, including … Continued


GRAX Settings Tab

Summary GRAX Labs presents a first look into the ‘GRAX Settings tab.’ With GRAX’s newly enhanced user interface (UI), you can now take advantage of our new streamlined experience for setting up GRAX. This includes the initial configuration of Salesforce credentials, user management, sign-in policies, and permission sets. Although the configuration is done in our … Continued


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