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Best FINRA Compliant CRM Software

FINRA requirements should be taken seriously, and only some CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software products give you the service required to support this compliance. That’s why we gathered some of the best FINRA-compliant CRM solutions for you to consider. What is FINRA? FINRA is the abbreviation of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. It is a … Continued

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How to create a Salesforce Disaster Recovery plan

A Salesforce Disaster Recovery Plan is a must-have procedure to ensure your business runs smoothly by continuously protecting and using your Salesforce data, apps, and infrastructure related to it. This continuity plan aims to save business operations in case of an emergency or a disruptive event and guide you to understand the concept better. Data … Continued

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What is Data Lifecycle Management?

Data Lifecycle Management is crucial, especially for organizations providing data-related services to their customers. As an IT professional, you must know how to define this and track all the actions that data undergoes, from creation to destruction. Defining Data Lifecycle Management Managing the various stages of a piece of data’s life, from creation to destruction, … Continued


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