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Benefits of a B2B Multicloud Platform for Salesforce Data Management

B2B multicloud platform
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How can B2B multicloud platforms boost Salesforce data management?

Effectively managing Salesforce information represents a formidable challenge for enterprises due to the intricate and complex landscape of regulatory prerequisites and technological nuances involved. An array of hurdles ranging from safeguarding data to meeting compliance standards, and from archiving and retrieving data in an efficient manner, compels organizations to find solutions to navigate through these impediments and streamline their Salesforce information management processes. Nonetheless, enterprises can remain optimistic as groundbreaking solutions exist to help them overcome these difficulties and enhance the efficiency of their Salesforce information management practices.

What is a B2B multicloud platform?

A B2B multicloud platform allows effective management of numerous software applications and services from a variety of cloud providers. This platform empowers enterprises to deploy, integrate, and oversee their applications seamlessly across diverse cloud environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. With the capacity to host and manage applications and services in different environments, a B2B multicloud platform provides businesses with exceptional flexibility and control over their cloud resources.

Challenges of managing Salesforce data

For numerous companies, managing data can prove to be a challenging task, despite their competence in gathering it. To address these challenges, a B2B multicloud platform can furnish organizations with the required resources. Some of the prevalent challenges faced by organizations in managing data include the following:

Data avalanche: One significant issue is the massive amounts of data being generated from an increasing number and variety of sources, such as sales events, marketing campaigns, and customer interactions. This makes it difficult to keep track of all the data, manage where it is stored, and how to use it ultimately.

Compliance tracking: Compliance regulations are complex and multi-jurisdictional, and they change frequently. Enterprises need to stay updated about the latest changes and be able to review their data easily to identify any data that falls under the modified requirements.

Data reusability and refinement: Organizations are often unsure about repurposing their data and putting it to use. The value of collecting and identifying data is lost if it isn’t processed quickly. If it takes a significant amount of time and effort to convert the data into usable material, then analysis will not lead to profitable results.

Data storage problems: Organizations need to keep up with the frequent changes in data storage techniques. The data stored across multiple systems, such as internal storage, data warehouses, and third-party systems, needs to be easily and quickly transformed from its original format into the format or model needed for analyzing it. This task can be daunting for enterprises when the Salesforce data storage limitations come into play.

Enterprises can address these challenges by leveraging a B2B multicloud platform, which provides the necessary infrastructure for storing, managing, and analyzing their data in a streamlined fashion. This platform empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate various data sources and manage their data in a compliant and secure manner, while also enabling them to rapidly transform their data into the desired format for analysis.

A B2B multicloud platform offers many benefits

Overcoming the challenges linked with data management is a complicated task that requires a sophisticated solution. However, a B2B multicloud platform provides a potent toolset that can simplify data storage, analysis, and management in a flexible and scalable manner. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of a B2B multicloud platform, businesses can exert greater control over their data and navigate the diverse hurdles that emerge while managing it. If you want to elevate your data management abilities, let’s delve into the technical aspects of how a B2B multicloud platform can help you accomplish that objective.

Agile cloud infrastructure

A B2B multicloud platform empowers businesses to seamlessly deploy, manage, and integrate their applications and services across diverse cloud environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. This flexibility enables businesses to scale their resources up or down based on their fluctuating requirements, thereby providing them with a competitive advantage.

Unified cloud governance

A B2B multicloud platform enables businesses to take greater control over their cloud resources. Enterprises can manage their cloud infrastructure, security, and data management from a single unified platform, reducing complexity and improving their overall governance and compliance posture.

Higher efficiency

With a B2B multicloud platform, businesses can enhance their IT resources and streamline their application management procedures. By automating routine tasks such as software deployment, application scaling, and performance monitoring, organizations can liberate their IT teams to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

Budget management

A B2B multicloud platform empowers businesses to select the most cost-effective cloud resources that cater to their precise requirements. By monitoring and analyzing cloud usage, enterprises can optimize their cloud spending and reduce their overall IT costs.

Enhanced data security

A B2B multicloud platform provides robust security features that help businesses protect their sensitive data. With features such as encryption, access controls, and threat detection, enterprises can guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data.

Refined data archiving

A B2B multicloud platform empowers businesses to archive and retrieve their data in a cost-effective and efficient way. By leveraging the platform’s data archiving capabilities, businesses can curtail their storage expenses while maintaining the availability and accessibility of their data.

GRAX can help you overcome those obstacles

GRAX provides a wide array of features that help businesses tackle the challenges associated with managing Salesforce data. GRAX Backup & Restore safeguards data, files, and metadata by offering automated high-frequency hourly backups so that you can have the full granularity of your data. GRAX leverages the Salesforce Bulk API to accelerate Salesforce data backups, and the application enables easy viewing of data points at a specific point in time.

The Data Archive offering from GRAX allows businesses to archive Salesforce data, curbing application data storage expenses and boosting the Salesforce platform’s performance. Data access is a critical feature of the service, as it enables customers to recover archived data into the production environment with a single click. The service also facilitates access to archived data via a customer’s data lake or from within the Salesforce platform itself.

History Stream can redefine your dataset’s utility by piping it into various downstream data applications. By streaming Salesforce data in a Parquet format, you can transform your dataset into a valuable asset for business’ data analysis tools. With minimal configuration and setup, History Stream facilitates seamless data streaming to central data warehouses or to analytics platforms like Tableau, AWS QuickSight, or PowerBI. This enables organizations to not just preserve but also activate their historical data for an insight-driven strategy. 

Achieving data excellence with multicloud

Managing Salesforce data can feel like tending to a garden, requiring careful cultivation to achieve the desired results. Fortunately, B2B multicloud platforms equip businesses with the necessary resources to tend to their data like a gardener caring for a garden. With the capacity to streamline their data management procedures, diminish storage costs, and enhance data security and compliance, businesses can cultivate their Salesforce data for optimal growth and yield. By embracing the transformative potential of B2B multicloud platforms, businesses can harvest the benefits of their data and discover new opportunities for growth and innovation.

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