All Roads Lead to APIs

This Inside Analysis article by Stephen Swoyer highlights GRAX’s commitment to building a more sustainable model for cloud data access, which will help enterprises maximize business value and cut costs.

The SaaS data-access status quo, namely using APIs to pull data from cloud services directly, is wasteful, ungoverned, costly, and unsustainable. This article discusses why that’s the case and dives into GRAX CEO Joe Gaska’s unique take on a sustainable model for cloud data access. Gaska originally discussed this take when he appeared on the Inside Analysis podcast hosted by Eric Kavanagh.

It’s absolutely ridiculous trying to take a terabyte or petabyte of data and put it into a data warehouse through an API

Joe Gaska – GRAX CEO

Key Takeaways:

  • Enterprise consumers of cloud services need to start thinking about a more sustainable model for accessing, managing, and governing data in the cloud. And because the data-access status quo is inefficient and costly, this is not strictly a technology issue – it’s a business decision.
  • GRAX’s solution consists of a “clever, pragmatic response” to many problems that organizations will encounter as a cost of doing business in the cloud.
  • An incremental backup service – which preserves different versions or point-in-time snapshots of data history – can be used to power historical business analysis.
  • Instead of backing up Salesforce data to its own service, GRAX permits subscribers to store and manage data in their own AWS and Azure cloud storage.

Read more in this Inside Analysis article: All Roads Lead to APIs.

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