3 Keys to Boosting Insights and E-Commerce Results from Cloud Data

This article, by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for Total Retail, discusses how retailers can achieve better insights and value from their cloud application data.

Source: Total Retail | Credit: Getty Images by marchmeena29

To secure the insights needed to drive revenue and remain competitive in an increasingly online world, retailers need to have a robust data strategy — one that enables them to get the full view of their customers and understand changes occurring within their market and company. Retailers don’t need to be the size of Amazon to get game-changing value from their data. They need a data strategy that will help them effectively leverage what data they have. The first step in leveraging data, Joe says, is to tap into organization’s cloud apps. In this article, Joe includes three key tips to getting better insights and value from cloud application data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Retailers should use applications like Salesforce to get a 360-degree view of datasets, which can help a company see if traffic to its site resulted in sales, among other pertinent information.
  • Companies must regularly back up their data into their own cloud infrastructure, such as an Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure environment. Most try to capture data at least once an hour to prevent major data loss.
  • When data resides in a company’s own cloud instance, their e-commerce, marketing, sales, product and customer success teams don’t have to access their cloud apps to get the data needed for downstream re-use.

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