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The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Certification Verification

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Hundreds of thousands of developers, administrators, and consultants around the world create, update, and manage Salesforce applications. With millions of users relying on them, it’s critical that the applications are of the highest quality. It’s also critical that everyone who uses Salesforce knows how to get the most value from the platform – and that no one makes costly errors.

In other words, all professionals must be highly skilled. Ideally, they should also have proof of their skills and competencies.

That’s where Salesforce certifications and verifications come into play. 

What are Salesforce certifications?

Awarded by Salesforce, they’re provided to individuals who demonstrate proficiency and expertise in Salesforce technology and products.  

There are about 40 primary Salesforce certifications. They range from fundamental to advanced and expert levels. Salesforce developers, consultants, designers, marketers, architects, and administrators who pass the required examinations receive the appropriate certifications.

Why you should get certified in Salesforce

  • Career Advancement 

Employers often prioritize certified professionals when hiring or promoting for roles involving Salesforce technology.

  • Credibility and Business Advantage

Salesforce certifications are recognized globally. Certified professionals are seen as experts in Salesforce technology. Some companies like to display employee certifications on their website. It’s a strong selling point and positions them well competitively.

  • Access to Exclusive Resources 

Salesforce often provides additional resources and opportunities, such as exclusive training materials, events, and networking opportunities, to certified professionals. This helps enhance their skills and knowledge.

If you’re certified, make sure not to let any of your certifications lapse. Otherwise, you may have to retake the complete certification exam and pay the associated cost again. You can maintain certifications by completing incremental Salesforce exams before the credential expires. The exams focus on new product functionality. 

Why is Salesforce certification verification so important?

Organizations don’t want to  rely solely on their employees regarding  the status of their Salesforce certifications. There’s too much at risk should they entrust people who don’t have the right skills. Businesses need to ensure that certifications are valid and current. 

Salesforce certification verification provides the peace of mind they need. It assures management that staff members and prospective hires can harness the full potential of the platform.

How to verify Salesforce certification status

There are two sites you must use to track Salesforce certifications and publicize your status: and Webassessor.

Webassessor is an online credential management system that allows you to apply for Salesforce certification exams and track the status. is your profile on Salesforce’s Trailhead site. It gives current and future employers a complete view of all of your experience and accomplishments across Salesforce communities. You need a Trailhead account to have a Trailblazer profile.

To verify your own current Salesforce certification status and find out if any maintenance is due, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Salesforce Trailhead platform and click on the “Verify Credentials” option.
  2. Navigate to “Certificate Holders: Check Your Status” and input your Webassessor email address.
  3. Webassessor will communicate your certification status. It provides the date earned, certification name, expiration date, and mandatory incremental modules and deadlines.
  4. You can download a PDF copy of your certification for your records and to provide to employers.

How to verify other people’s Salesforce certifications 

Organizations can confirm Salesforce certifications for current and prospective employees by visiting the same verification page as above. Go to “Verify a Salesforce Certified Professional” page and input their name or email address. The page will display a list of the applicant’s certificates, including their current and expiration dates.

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Challenges with Salesforce certification verification

Keep in mind that maintaining and verifying credentials using and Webassessor is not a foolproof process: 

  • The absence of an individual’s name in the certification database does not necessarily mean they don’t hold a certification. This is because Salesforce professionals must choose to opt-in to have their credentials displayed on the website. If they don’t, organizations will not be able to access their information.
  • Keeping track of Salesforce certification expiration dates can be challenging. Some workers may not notice when their credentials expire or when they need to complete annual modules to maintain their certification. They may think they’re fully up-to-date when they’re not.
  • Even if team members have Salesforce certifications in different domains, there is no guarantee they have the knowledge required for a specific project. Training people to become Salesforce experts and apply their skills to your specific business needs can take time. Make sure to factor this into any project timelines and deliverables.

As you can see, it’s easy to verify Salesforce certifications. Whether you’re a Salesforce user or part of an organization’s management or hiring teams, it’s in your best interest to confirm credentials and make sure everyone stays current on all certifications. 


The importance of Salesforce certification verification resonates deeply with the core values of data management. Certified professionals understand the importance of safeguarding critical data and swiftly restoring it in the event of unexpected outages or loss. 

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