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3 Techniques to Minimize Downtime During a Data Migration Process

Don’t let data migration downtime get you down Transferring data during the cloud migration process can be a formidable challenge that requires proven strategies to minimize downtime. Where your data is stored during the migration plays a crucial role in determining the performance of your application. Delay and bandwidth problems may arise if you migrate … Continued

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What is Data Resiliency and How to Achieve It

Redundancy, reliability, and recovery: Achieving data resiliency Data resiliency is the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable data strategy. Ensuring that data is resilient enough to withstand disruptions, both natural and man-made, is an ongoing challenge that requires a holistic and proactive approach. To achieve data resiliency, organizations need to adopt innovative strategies that go … Continued

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The Importance Of Cloud Backup For Business Continuity

Future-proofing your business with cloud backup If you’re concerned about disruptions to your business, cloud backup for business continuity is a must-have solution. The availability of data is paramount to the functioning of any business, regardless of its type. In today’s dynamic business environment, enterprises cannot afford to experience prolonged periods of unscheduled downtime. Regardless … Continued

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Benefits of a B2B Multicloud Platform for Salesforce Data Management

How can B2B multicloud platforms boost Salesforce data management? Effectively managing Salesforce information represents a formidable challenge for enterprises due to the intricate and complex landscape of regulatory prerequisites and technological nuances involved. An array of hurdles ranging from safeguarding data to meeting compliance standards, and from archiving and retrieving data in an efficient manner, … Continued

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Nine Business Intelligence Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

As the world becomes more complex and unpredictable, businesses are facing an ever-growing need for actionable insights to help them navigate the turbulent waters of today’s markets. The latest business intelligence trends furnish organizations with a potent arsenal of data-driven solutions capable of unlocking new opportunities, optimizing their operations, and elevating the customer experience. Let’s … Continued

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What are Immutable Backups? Ransomware Defense.

Ransomware-proof your data The importance of immutable backups cannot be overstated in a world where cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent. Even though Salesforce is a dependable platform, its built-in backup and recovery features may not satisfy users’ needs. Therefore, it is essential to have dedicated backup solutions that go beyond Salesforce’s native … Continued

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What is Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)?

DMaaS: Your data management companion in the cloud Gone are the days of struggling to manage mountains of data. With Data Management as a Service (DMaaS), managing data has never been easier or more exciting. DMaaS is the magic wand that simplifies the complexities of data management, empowering organizations to harness the power of their … Continued

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Boost your business with an AI-based Decision Intelligence Platform

Using an AI-based Decision Intelligence Platform is not just the “It” thing that’s in today; it actually unleashes valuable insights based on the data you feed it. In this post, you’ll learn more about what decision intelligence includes and what you need to boost your business using this. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been emerging loudly … Continued

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Best FINRA Compliant CRM Software

FINRA requirements should be taken seriously, and only some CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software products give you the service required to support this compliance. That’s why we gathered some of the best FINRA-compliant CRM solutions for you to consider. What is FINRA? FINRA is the abbreviation of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. It is a … Continued

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How to create a Salesforce Disaster Recovery plan

A Salesforce Disaster Recovery Plan is a must-have procedure to ensure your business runs smoothly by continuously protecting and using your Salesforce data, apps, and infrastructure related to it. This continuity plan aims to save business operations in case of an emergency or a disruptive event and guide you to understand the concept better. Data … Continued

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What is Data Lifecycle Management?

Data Lifecycle Management is crucial, especially for organizations providing data-related services to their customers. As an IT professional, you must know how to define this and track all the actions that data undergoes, from creation to destruction. Defining Data Lifecycle Management Managing the various stages of a piece of data’s life, from creation to destruction, … Continued

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All About Data Backup Devices

Data backup devices still play an irreplaceable role for customers and firms in today’s technology world. There are quite a few pieces of necessary information you need to know about how to back up your data using these types of devices, and choosing the right one to match your needs might be frustrating. Data loss … Continued


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