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In Case You Missed It: Media Coverage Roundup for GRAX History Stream

Take a peak at the press articles you may have missed on our recent release of History Stream. Last month, GRAX introduced our latest product innovation: History Stream. History Stream allows users to effortlessly integrate their SaaS app data stored in AWS or Azure cloud platforms with industry-standard analytic tools. Without any coding, users can … Continued


SaaS Application Data: Your New Competitive Weapon in 2021

This AiThority article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska, discusses why it’s time to tap one of the most valuable sources of structured, converged, and historical trend data: cloud applications. Cloud applications are critical to helping us optimize and grow our businesses day in and day out. Data stored in those applications is a rich … Continued


Historical SaaS App Data as the Ultimate Training Set for AI/ML

In this article for AiThority, GRAX CEO Joe Gaska reveals how to turn artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) from a disappointment to a success story. Cloud applications like Salesforce represent the frontlines of cause-and-effect patterns of change sweeping across your business. Their data represents ideal ML/AI training sets — but often goes untapped. … Continued


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