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GRAX Time Machine

What would you do if I gave you a time machine?

  • Would you travel to the past and relive your happiest moments?
  • Would you try to change or learn from your mistakes?
  • Would you travel to the future to see what happens to you or the world around you?

It sounds crazy, but this is exactly why we built GRAX: so that our customers can use their data to time travel, learn from their past and predict the future.

Right inside of Salesforce.

Nobody else can do this because nobody else has a GRAX Time Machine – which records every single change in data over time and lets you act on it right inside of Salesforce.

This also turns out to be the best way to help any organization maintain business continuity, be compliant and compete like Amazon – based on their full data history.

When did you hit record on all of the changes in your business data?

If you haven’t yet, I can tell you chances are that one of your competitors already did.

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