Blockchain Secured Backup, Archive, and Time Machine  

Immutable Chain of Custody

Unlimited Retention with 100% Customer Ownership

GRAX market leading Data Value platform delivers the industry's first transactional chain for with unlimited data retention policies. Object Time Machine's immutable ledger allows customers to track, chain, audit, and retain unlimited data changes with 100% chain of custody preserved. HIPAA, WORM, GDPR, CCPA, FIPS, FISMA, FedRamp, PCI/DSS Compliant.

No Field Limitations



Securely store and backup in real-time.

Salesforce is the breathing epicenter of a company’s customer engagement. GRAX Object Time Machine ensures that your data history is secured, stored, and backed up in real-time via the GRAX Heroku Data Lake pipeline. 


You own your data. As a Heroku add-on, GRAX puts your data 100% inside your own data housing environment. 


Track any field as it changes over time.

“I only want to track changes in 20 record fields…” said no Salesforce Admin ever. Companies are moving more and more customer and operational data into Salesforce, which means admins need more flexibility in choosing which fields to log. 


Don’t be limited to tracking 20 data fields. With GRAX Object Time Machine you track and back up any and all object fields. 

Leave an audit trail
to stay compliant.

Traceability is paramount for many organizations today. But creating a robust audit log across your org isn’t as easy as it should be. GRAX Object Time Machine lets you see an audit log of each and every change made in Salesforce.


Sensitive data doesn’t have to just live in Salesforce to be compliant. GRAX is used by large healthcare and financial institutions to keep data compliant and in your hands.

Compare records side-by-side through time.

Version control and file restoration have been a staple of desktop computing for years, but until now businesses didn’t have the ability to compare their Salesforce data to what happened in the past.

Now you can view updated fields within Salesforce across any and every point in time. It’s that simple. GRAX Object Time Machine is a game-changer for people that want to know the complete history of every record within their company.

Restore a record
to any past state.

Viewing a change log of object fields in GRAX Object Time Machine is simple, but so is the ability to restore that field to the previous state of your choosing.

When values were incorrectly added or changed in a record, you now have the power to restore order with a click.

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