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Why We Built GRAX: Enrich

GRAX was built on the simple observation that the only constant in business and in life, is change. When you pay very close attention to that change, you begin to see new patterns emerge – patterns that tell you about the positive or negative paths that you might be on. Unfortunately, those patterns are hard enough to see for an individual – not to mention a business.

Why we built GRAX: Enrich

Most businesses are drowning in data, not knowing exactly where to look for the next insight – it’s so hard to separate the signal from the noise! And this noise is at the crux of why there is so much disillusionment with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence today – dirty data begets high variance and poor predictions, which in turn relegates AI to the role of “Clippy” the MS office Assistant.

This is the very reason we created GRAX Enrich. Enrich helps you turn up the signal and dial back the noise on new patterns emerging in your business. It does this by weaving together all of your data sources into a single addressable fabric which acts as a foundation for answering powerful analytical questions like:

“What cross-selling opportunities do we have across all of our global teams?” “What are the key factors causing my pipeline velocity to change at various stages over time?”

"What is the totality of what I know about my customer’s behavior across every single system over time?"

So how is that different from every other Data Hub, Cleansing, De-duplication or Master Data Management (MDM) tool on the market today? -- For one thing, Enrich doesn’t fall into to the three ego traps that competitors typically fall prey to:

No Lock-In: we never hold your data hostage – in fact, it never has to leave your environment – you can maintain 100% of your Data’s Chain of Custody and pull your data out (in its original, usable format) if you ever want to stop using GRAX.

Every Single Change: Enrich is powered by GRAX Protect, which captures every single change in your data over time. This is critical to seeing new patterns emerge in your business. If you are not capturing and unifying time-series data across all of your data sources, you’re simply looking at a snapshot of your business at a single point in time.

No Login Paranoia: we don’t care if you log in to our tool. We deliver 100% of the value of our platform back out into your original source systems or analytical tools. So what does GRAX Enrich actually do? It creates a very clean data foundation for analytical insight and machine learning by helping you unify, de-dupe, cleanse and master all historical change data across all sources, over time. You can read more about the features and benefits of Enrich here.

GRAX Enrich is already helping some of the world’s most customer-driven organizations, like ServiceSource adapt and innovate faster.

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