Take control of your customer data.

GRAX Archiver is the simplest and most cost-effective backup, synchronize, archive and restore solution built for Salesforce. 

Quit spending on storage overages.

Using a combination of Heroku and AWS, GRAX archives your data into your company’s own AWS S3 bucket, saving you from debilitating storage overage costs. Your business owns its Salesforce data – and now you get to decide the best way to store it.

Select and store data with clicks, not code.

Native Salesforce tools for importing & exporting data such as Data Loader require deep knowledge of the API as well as locally downloadable desktop software with numerous configuration steps.


GRAX Archiver is a “click to install” solution that is set up natively in Salesforce’s setting pages.

Back it up. You choose the levers to pull.

Archive unlimited fields across every object in your Salesforce instance using the Salesforce UI.

No more having to choose what 10 fields you want to track.

Restore history
at the right time.

GRAX Archiver tracks any field changes when a scheduled backup job runs so that you can easily retrieve field-specific data stored by GRAX over time.

Just because a record has been archived doesn’t mean changes in time should be forgotten.

GRAX Archiver’s starting price can be less than your annual overage costs. GRAX can be purchased using Heroku Add-On Credits directly from Salesforce.

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