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GRAX: Why we updated our logo

It’s always interesting to see why brands update their logos…

  • Sometimes it’s a facelift to keep up with trends
  • Other times it’s a marketer wanting to put their mark on the brand
  • Or a desire to step away from the past
  • Or a need to embrace the past
  • Or a requirement to become more and more symbolic over time (think McDonalds reducing to just an “M”)
  • and so on…

For GRAX, it was simple – we needed to radically broaden our creative palate:

Our new logo and mark give us a way to convey the deeper, more meaningful impact we have for our customers while giving us a modern creative palate to play with. With our new logo, we no longer have to lean solely on typography to convey who we are… and we’re able to open the door to creative interpretation around the dent we are going to make in the universe.

GRAX is evolving…

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