GRAX Releases Fall ‘20 “Quantum” Edition: The Fastest Way to Back Up and Take Full Ownership and Control of Salesforce Data

Customers tap massive historical datasets inside and outside of Salesforce to drive business continuity and growth

BOSTON, MA — September 16, 2020GRAX, the leading SaaS Data Value Platform, today released Fall ‘20 Quantum Edition, the fastest way for organizations to take back ownership and control of their Salesforce data by backing it up into their customer-owned cloud environments. Now, customers can tap the full strategic value of their historical data in Salesforce while maintaining full access to the entire historical dataset, both inside of Salesforce and outside of it in their organization’s cloud data lake.

According to ESG, “Most organizations see data reuse as the next stage of data protection: 59% see data reuse and data management as an extension of their overall data protection strategy, while another 21% say it will totally replace it.”1

“Who owns your data in your SaaS cloud applications? What about your data in third party apps that plug into those apps?” asked Joe Gaska, CEO and founder of GRAX. “Many organizations don’t realize that they don’t fully own their data. Meanwhile, ownership, possession and access to historical SaaS data is really important – not just for compliance or security reasons, but also for an organization’s ability to re-use that data for customer retention and growth. This is why so many of our customers turn to GRAX; we give them complete control over the use and reuse of their historical SaaS application data.”

GRAX Quantum Edition is able to rapidly and reliably backup, transmit and store complex Salesforce customer datasets into a customer’s cloud environment. Backup data remains available in production and becomes available for downstream consumption in a customer’s DataOps ecosystem via their cloud data lake. This delivers unprecedented value both inside of the Salesforce application and outside of it, for example, in a customer’s data warehouse.

“GRAX is helping us turn our customers’ cloud application backup data into a strategic asset for their business,” said Matthias Ulrich, Chief Technology Officer of logicline. “That’s something that only a handful of tech giants have been able to do thus far – amass a ton of historical data and actually use it to win – but GRAX lets anyone do it. This levels the playing field; we figured if we don’t help our clients start doing this right now, chances are that one of their competitors will – and will use it to win in their market against them.”

GRAX Fall ‘20 Release includes:

  • Bulk API usage – using the Salesforce Bulk API significantly increases the speed of Salesforce data backups, making it feasible to rapidly take ownership and control of the largest and most complex enterprise Salesforce datasets.
  • OAuth support – customers can now control access to their Salesforce data lake via OAuth, further strengthening their ability to fully own their data’s Digital Chain of Custody. CRM admins can easily maintain access management, verify access for authenticated users and revoke user access. 

Read more about GRAX Fall ‘20 Release ‘Quantum’ Edition.

GRAX is the only SaaS data backup, archive and recovery tool that lets customers maximize the value of their historical cloud application data. It does this by letting them take full ownership and control of their data, store it anywhere and access it everywhere. The most iconic companies in the world that we buy from daily, wear on our wrists, have in our pockets or rely on to power the internet, all use GRAX. For them, GRAX is more than just an insurance policy – it is a way to unleash the power of their historical application data and use it to drive business continuity, regulatory compliance, strategic advantage, customer retention and revenue growth.

3 Reasons You Need to Take Back Ownership and Control of Your SaaS Data

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About GRAX  

GRAX helps organizations adapt faster by letting them get more strategic value out of their historical cloud application data. Customers can fully capture, own and access all of their historical SaaS application data anywhere, anytime, by simply backing it up or archiving it to their own cloud environment. GRAX’s SaaS data backup, archive and recovery functionality delivers up to 4X higher ROI than leading competitors, helping organizations improve business continuity, regulatory compliance, strategic advantage, customer retention and revenue growth. GRAX is a remote-first organization, founded and led by multiple Salesforce veterans and backed by Volition Capital. Learn more at

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1 ESG Research Report: The Evolution from Data Backup to Data Intelligence, February 2020

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