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Accelerated Pipeline Velocity 70% in 18 Months 

GRAX Customer Stories / Leader in Pet Healthcare Services

Key Outcomes

Pipeline Velocity 0% to 70% in 18 Months



Spectrum of Value: Step 5


Leader in Pet Healthcare Services

Leading pet healthcare innovation company, serves practicing veterinarians around the world with a broad range of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services offered to customers all over the world.

Industry: Healthcare, Life Sciences, & Pharmaceuticals


Specialties: Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Software, and Veterinary

Company Size: 5001-10,000 employees

GRAX works with

+ Salesforce Platform

+ SFDC Sales Cloud

+ SFDC Service Cloud
+ SFDC Marketing Cloud - Pardot

Adapt Faster
It’s Your Turn to Get Value from Your Data

Business Case

Leader in Pet Healthcare Services pivoted to a direct selling model, needing to market/sell to customers based on data streaming from their connected chemistry analysis devices

The Challenge | Before GRAX

Unable to tap connected customer device data to fuel pipeline for 2x increase in direct field/inside sales teams

$2M+ AWS investment to store their connected customer device data showing little measurable ROI

Data storage and scalability challenges with integrating connected device data into Pardot, Sales, Service Clouds

Technical Needs

– Integrate with AWS, Google and 3rd party ERP systems

– Act on streaming device data across Pardot, Sales, Service Clouds

The Results | After GRAX


Created 360°Customer visibility in Salesforce to grow US eCommerce revenue from 0% to 70% of total revenue in less than 18 months

Tapped all connected device data for 360° visibility and action in Pardot, Sales, Service Clouds

GRAX Data Hub became communication layer between connected device data and multiple Salesforce and 3rd party (ERP) systems

The Solution

Explore the Products that They are Using to Adapt Faster

Time Machine
Backup & Restore
Data Archive
Data Hub

Want Results like this?


GRAX allows customers to take complete ownership and control of their Salesforce data by capturing and storing it in environments that they own and operate. This creates the most effective way to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements by capturing and preserving 100% of their data’s Digital Chain of Custody.

This Value Spectrum illustrates how GRAX stacks up against other providers. After our customers assessed what data actions and product features were available from each provider in the market, they chose GRAX over the alternatives.

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Vet Examining Dog

Leader in Pet Healthcare Services Accelerated Pipeline Velocity 70% in 18 Months with GRAX

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