GRAX 3.0: Maintain Business Continuity & Learn from Your Data Faster

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Quickly View Data through Lightning Bar Support and Decryption Pre-Processing Support

As we saw more and more of our customers developing robust Business Continuity Plans (BCPs), we realized something… it’s not just about the regulations!

Sure, most highly-regulated industries like Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences or Retail/Commerce have always been required to capture audit trails on commonly-changed fields:

But many are creating ‘recovery blueprints’ with their Business Continuity strategy… and some use them to also grow their business.

Unplanned downtime has a direct and material impact on our customers’ top and bottom lines:

Image Sources (Left to Right): SpiceWorks 2018 Study & Ponemon Institute 2016 Report

By using GRAX, customers can take control of their sensitive customer data, allowing them to bring that data back under their Business Continuity, governance and security investment umbrella… all while using their recoverable record of all changes to:

Faster Interactions with Lightning Utility Bar & Decryption Method Support

It is now faster and easier than ever to work with GRAX, thanks to native support for the Lightning Utility Bar. Users can now access GRAX functionality anywhere within the Salesforce Lightning experience, giving them unprecedented access to the most robust data capture and recovery tool on the planet. To set this up, visit:

GRAX 3.0 also offers users the ability to securely load encrypted external (non-Salesforce) data into Salesforce, and to create their own pre-processor class in order to decrypt that data within Salesforce. This is a powerful function that adheres to and absorbs the stringent roles and permissions set up in Salesforce and Salesforce Shield, which enables users who have adequate permissions to decrypt and view externally encrypted data via the “search“ tab. To learn more, please visit:

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GRAX 3.2 is out now. To update to the latest version, please email to set up time with our success team

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To learn more about more about this release, including a number of the improvements and bug fixes contained herein, please visit

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