GRAX Blog: PropertyCasualty360


How Insurers can Unlock Historical Data for Business Growth

This article, written by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska for PropertyCasualty360, discusses why insurers should rethink their use of historical SaaS data to leverage it as more than just a backup. Insurance organizations have always relied on data for processes like underwriting and risk assessment and are likely using historical data for regulatory compliance and security. … Continued


Maintain Compliance and Fuel Growth with Data Ownership

In this PropertyCasualty360 article, GRAX CEO, Joe Gaska discusses how data ownership can help ensure compliance with laws and regulations. With more insurers moving to cloud-based, or SaaS, models, new security and compliance challenges arise. Data residing in SaaS applications is difficult for insurers to track and audit who has accessed and copied the data … Continued


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