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Five Blunders You’re Making on Workplace Diversity

In this Fortune article, columnist S. Mitra Kalita includes commentary from GRAX CEO Joe Gaska about common mistakes companies make when communicating about diversity initiatives. Data from LinkedIn shows the number of people with the title “head of diversity” jumped 104% and those with the title “chief diversity officer” jumped 68% from 2015 to 2020, … Continued


Tech jobs remain clustered in major hubs — for now

This article, by CIO Dive’s Roberto Torres, discusses the increase in tech jobs in traditional tech hubs – like Boston – with industry experts, including CEO Joe Gaska. Despite the pandemic, the demand for jobs in the tech sector increased. Companies that continued to hire had to adapt to the WFH culture, which many companies … Continued


More Workplace Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

This article in SHRM includes commentary from our Head of People and Culture, Sharon Schmidt, on benefits we have implemented to help our employees during the pandemic. The pandemic has added a lot of stress to many people’s lives. Employers have an obligation to connect and communicate with employees to make sure everyone is taking … Continued


Five Things You Need to Know Today, and How to Beat Zoom Fatigue

This article in Boston Business Journal showcases one of the things our CEO, Joe Gaska, has done to keep employees from zoning out from Zoom. Zoom fatigue is a growing problem amid the pandemic and CEOs must be creative to prevent this from happening. Recently, Joe had an idea on how to give his employees … Continued


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