Five Things You Need to Know Today, and How to Beat Zoom Fatigue

This article in Boston Business Journal showcases one of the things our CEO, Joe Gaska, has done to keep employees from zoning out from Zoom.

Zoom fatigue is a growing problem amid the pandemic and CEOs must be creative to prevent this from happening. Recently, Joe had an idea on how to give his employees a break from business on Zoom, and an opportunity to have some fun. He treated the entire GRAX team to a virtual goat sanctuary tour, and it was a big hit! This was a time filled with laughter, relaxation and goat noises – not just coming from just the goats!

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s senior leadership’s responsibility to reduce Zoom fatigue and keep morale high
  • The goat sanctuary’s owner shared trivia about goat digestive systems and how the farm operates, leaving the employees well-educated on goat trivia
  • Joe, among our fellow employees, “baa’d” at the end of the Zoom call; no one was allowed on mute!

See the article mention and pictures below or in the BBJ here (subscription required).

Excerpt about GRAX from the Boston Business Journal
GRAX at the Frederick Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary
The GRAX team enjoying a visit to the Frederick Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary

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