Backup Data: Why Companies Should Invest In It

Source: Toolbox

This Toolbox article by GRAX CEO Joe Gaska discusses how SaaS backup data can provide a competitive edge.

Backup data gets a bad reputation. The term alone suggests that it is not something that fulfills any great purpose but rather something that exists “just in case.” In this article for Toolbox, Gaska explains why backup data is a record of all business activity over time, and it should be actively used to inform business decisions.

Key Takeaways:

  • SaaS applications were not developed to prioritize data backup or reuse. Even though a company’s data resides in the vendor’s infrastructure, many SaaS vendors don’t back up their users’ data.
  • Companies need to reclaim ownership of their historical SaaS data by backing up and storing the data in their own secure cloud environment, such as AWS or Azure. Not only does this help ensure the data is protected, but it also ensures it is easily and cost-effectively accessible for reuse.
  • Historical data can be the differentiator in competitive markets. According to a McKinsey study, high-performing companies are 57% more likely than their peers to use data to inform their long-term strategy.

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