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Morten Bagai is the Chief Technology Officer of GRAX. Prior to joining GRAX, Morten spent 8 years at Salesforce where as Chief Technology Officer, Platform he helped drive the vision for custom application development with Lightning Platform and Heroku. He joined Salesforce as a member of the leadership team at Heroku,the industry’s first cloud based Platform-as-a-Service, which was acquired in January of 2011. Morten holds a Masters Degree in Media Studies and The History of Ideas from Aarhus University.

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Introducing the GRAX History Stream

Since its earliest days, GRAX has been about more than just backup. What we’re really about is capturing historical data. While the first priority for our customers is to protect their mission-critical Salesforce data, most of them are increasingly looking to take control of their historical data and reuse that history throughout their enterprise for … Continued

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