4 Steps to More Effective Meetings

In my business, meetings are constantly happening. As a developer by nature, I tend to think I am not working when I am in a meeting but the truth is that these meetings are an essential part of the process.

In order to have more effective meetings, I recommend the following:

If you waste fifteen of your own non-meeting minutes, you are wasting fifteen minutes. If you are fifteen minutes late to a meeting, you are wasting 15 minutes times the number of people there. So if there are 10 people in attendance, you have just wasted 2.5 hours.

If you follow these rules, you will find your meetings more satisfying, more focused and more productive. Your attendees will be happier and more ready to involve themselves in the mission at hand.

* I pulled this list from Rusty Divine’s PluralSight course on Requirements Gathering. It closely matches the rules we have been using.

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